An ExVoto Story: Train Cases & Vintage Luggage

What started off as a last-minute way to transport jewelry to clients and boutiques ended up becoming a strong component of the ExVoto brand.

The vintage train case became a part of my life when I was living in a 1,800 square foot house built in the 1930’s with little to no storage. I collected vintage train cases I found in antique markets and used them as a stylish way to store things.

Fast forward a couple of years to 2009 when I started ExVoto. Just a few hours before my first meeting to show the collection to a buyer, it hit me that I had no way of transporting my jewelry. Not knowing at the time that jewelry reps use specially designed rolling cases with doors, drawers and other fancy contraptions inside, and yet knowing that a plastic storage tub was not going to make the grade, I decided to grab one of my vintage train cases. The buyer that day thought the train case was charming and it became my way of transporting the ExVoto collection to boutiques and trunk shows. When I would bring the train cases into the stores the women would be in awe of the unique way I carried my jewelry, one boutique owner called it “the treasure box” and couldn’t wait to see what was inside each time I would visit. The train cases ended up working with my brand and the line I was creating.

Now in all the showrooms we have vintage train cases and luggage on display and continue to use them when we travel with the jewelry to events and trunk shows. My use of train cases as jewelry transport was a spontaneous decision that has became a signature of the ExVoto brand! Would you like to see a train case of ExVoto jewels in your town? Collaborate with us on a trunk show event and enjoy fabulous hostess benefits! Email to request more details.

A few of the pieces from my vintage luggage collection.

Elizabeth Adams