Costa Rica Travel Guide

My family decided to give each other a trip this past Christmas. We spent the week after Christmas in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica. Guanacaste is in the northwest region of the country and on the the border of Nicaragua. From our villa, we could see the mountains of Nicaragua just across the Pacific.
We snorkeled, fished, rode horses, explored caves along beaches that could only be accessed by boat, and ziplined past a volcano with an amazing 30 foot wide waterfall. Costa Rica is the trip you take when you want some adventure in your life, but the beaches are tranquil and relaxing when you are ready for some down time. The people of Costa Rica are part of the appeal. They are happy, friendly and helpful.
The week following Christmas begins the summer season for Costa Rica and the weather was beautiful while we were there. There is typically no rain in the month of January, so it is a great time to visit. Not overly humid and not too hot with flowers and trees full of blooms. This was our first trip to Costa Rica and the only disappointment was having to fly home. We would all love to go back again.
With all the adventure activities of a trip to Costa Rica, there isn’t a need to pack a lot of jewelry.  However, I always feel more feminine and just more “me” when wearing some bit of jewelry.  I wore the 33″ 14K gold Elizabeth Adams Collection necklace doubled and worn short the entire trip.  Because it is 14K gold I never had to worry about the chlorine in the pool, the sunscreen or the ocean water harming the necklace.  I also wore the Brass Wire Cuff Bracelets because they are so easy to care for in the same way.


Exploring the beaches rimmed with rugged green life and huge gray boulders then snorkeling with sea life in bright colorful patterns certainly influenced me as I returned ready to finish developing our spring collection. Lapis, indigo, turquoise, aqua and olive green mixed with natural bone beads are all found in our newest Private Collection pieces for Spring.

Many of these Private Collection pieces are very limited in quantity and will not be available long due to the vintage components I used to create them. Vintage trade beads in indigo and olive as well as large green stone beads that I will never be able to find again make this new collection truly limited edition.
Some moments from my trip to Costa Rica:

San Fran 3.jpg
Elizabeth Adams