F2012 Collection

The new Fall 2012 collection may very well be my favorite collection so far.  A few of our favorite lockets reappear this season, like the Amory with it’s fabulous owl, but there are many new pendants which will soon become the new favorites, I’m sure.  Over the past few years, I have collected some very special pieces which I have kept in an antique wooden cigar box in my studio.  Thankfully, I have now found a talented artisan here in the states who has been able to cast exact replicas of my special antique pieces!  The Blackforest medal is one of these pendants making it’s debut this season.  This pendant is casted from an original antique English medal.  There is also the gorgeous Felder cross, the Sparrow pendant, the shield charm and the owl charm.  Paired with custom chains built by hand in our studio with hand-wrapped faceted semi-precious stones like smoky quartz, carnelian, and onyx, these pendants make a great addition to our collection.

We are all anticipating the new clutch handbag I designed for F2012!  It is the answer to what I was always looking for in my own closet–a clutch that isn’t covered in “bling”, is a useful size for everyday (it is also the perfect iPad case), and can be carried to any event on your social calendar without leaving you feeling overdressed for the occasion.  This clutch feels great in your hand too.  Made in the US exclusively for ExVoto from super-soft deerskin leather with a great tassel at the zipper.

There are also several new necklace and earring styles for Fall 2012. Here are a few photos featuring the F2012 collection.  Interesting side note–our video look book features some clothing by Alabama-based  designer, Billy Reid, and the soundtrack is a song from Alabama artists, The Civil Wars.

This collection is already available in our showroom and at some of our retailers.  Keep in touch with us via facebook so you can be the first to know when this new collection is available online or at a retailer near you!

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f2012 collection 3.jpg
f2012 Collection 2.jpg
Elizabeth Adams