Golden Globe Memories



Each year as the excitement and anticipation over the Golden Globe awards builds, I am reminded of a few years back when Ex Voto was asked to be in the 2011 Golden Globe gift bags.  I got the email confirming my acceptance on the night of Christmas Eve 2010, right as my family walked in the door from candlelight service at church.  We were getting ready to settle in for the night and boom, my holiday plans changed.
All of the sudden I had to put together 37 pieces in one week’s time.  And it was CHRISTMAS!  I had almost zero inventory left and had never developed gift wrap (Ex Voto was only sold through boutiques at the time and they handled the gift wrap)  These pieces all had to be packaged.  It was a looong week with little sleep, but I managed to pull it off with a little help from friends and family.  Here are some throwback images from that crazy time. (and PS my Best Dressed pick from Sunday night’s Golden Globe Awards was Emma Stone.  I appreciate a tasteful risk.)

Golden Globes Blog.jpg



Elizabeth Adams