Guide to Jewelry Organization

One question we are asked quite often is how to best organize your jewelry. When you’ve been collecting pieces over the years like I have, organizing can be difficult and hard to know where to even begin! My jewelry storage space recently got a little out of hand and I had to do a total overhaul. Too many days of coming home tired and neglecting to put the pieces away properly left me with a mess. See the below “before” picture of my jewelry which I store on the bottom shelf of my linen press in my bedroom. The top shelves are for sweaters and jeans. As you can see, the jewelry shelf can get out of control.


My strategy is to pull everything out and start over. A large leather jewelry box, a stack of acrylic drawers, an acrylic tray with sections, and a necklace stand and bracelet stand from an online source help me keep everything tidy and easy to access. I like to be able to see all of my jewelry options so storing them this way helps keep everything visible. Sterling silver pieces need to be stored in more closed drawers or bags to limit exposure to air which can cause them to tarnish quickly.



I love these acrylic drawers (I think I found them at a Home Goods store) because I can see what’s inside each drawer without opening the drawers. I can put several necklaces in one drawer and they won’t get tangled as long as I open the drawers gently.


A tray with separate sections like this acrylic one I have is good for really long necklaces or necklaces with large beads. These types of trays are also good for sitting inside drawers in a chest to keep jewelry organized that way.


I highly recommend a jewelry box like this with a removable tray for extra storage. The different sections and places for rings really helps especially for storing the jewelry you don’t wear daily. A jewelry box is also a good option for storing sterling silver pieces to limit air exposure. I stash personal notes I want to keep in the bottom of the box.


I store all of my ExVoto travel bags inside my larger travel bag (which is one of our deerskin clutches from a few seasons ago.) Then when I’m ready to pack for a trip, everything is there.


Next to my kitchen sink and my bathroom sink you will fins small dishes to hold my ring and earrings and bracelets that I take off to wash my hands or at the end of the day before bed. This dish is a vintage pressed glass candy dish which belonged to my husband’s grandmother.

org 10.jpg

We now carry small jewelry dishes and ring holders to help you keep your jewelry organized and safe at your sink or bedside table.

Elizabeth Adams