How to Plan Your #armparty

Stacking Bracelets

From top to bottom: Sterling Silver Blessing Cuff, Monogram Cuff, Snakeskin Band Bracelet

You’re invited! We’ve put together the guest list for a few great arm parties that you can easily create yourself!

One key to a great #armparty is mixing metals, textures and widths. Keep things interesting by mixing sentimental pieces with new and trendy pieces for the season.

Follow our guide to pull off an #armparty with ease!

Mixed Metal Stack:

Stacking Bracelets



From top to bottom: Gilmer Bracelet, Monogram Cuff, Sterling Silver Bracelet Leather Bracelet

Another example of mixing gold & silver:

Stacking Bracelets



Left to right: Gothic Monogram Cuff, Gilmer Bracelet, Sterling Silver Blessing Cuff

Mixing leathers, metals & colorful braided bracelets:

Stacking Bracelets


From top to bottom: Ellie Bracelet, Friendship bracelet (from your BFF!),

Snakeskin Band, Blessing Cuff, Braided Leather, Gothic Cuff

Wide Cuffs can mix with narrow cuffs & even link bracelets:

Stacking Bracelets


From top to bottom: Ellie Polished Gold Bracelet, Crocodile Cuff, Monogram Cuff

Rings: Sterling Silver Winthrop (also available in 14k gold) 14k gold Vine Ring (also available in sterling silver)

Break the rules!

Black & brown can be mixed together to make a neutral stack:

Stacking Bracelets


From top to bottom: Leather Bracelet, The Coleman, Tan Snakeskin Cuff, Black Snakeskin Cuff


A super feminine stack:

Stacking Bracelets


From left to right: Pearl Graham Bracelet, All is well cuff, 8″ Classic bracelet


Create a mix that is classic with an edge:

Stacking Bracelets


Charm Bracelet & Tan Snakeskin Cuff

The possibilities are endless! Visit our bracelets page for even more ideas.

Elizabeth Adams