Jewelry With a Story

Scout Key: The 33″ Scout Necklace features hand-wrapped bone beads with mixed chain heavily plated in 18k Gold. The key pendant was cast from an antique key owner/designer Elizabeth Adams found in Paris. The key might have possibly been to a piece of antique furniture with its ornate design. All of our key pieces are made out of solid living brass, which means they will patina over time like the original key, meaning they can be taken off and polished!

Edinburgh Key: Elizabeth, acquired the original key while visiting an antique shop in Edinburgh, Scotland.  She became fast friends with the shop owner, when a mutual affinity for antique keys was discovered.  He opened up a secret stash of antique keys to her and allowed her to purchase one (just one) of his antique Edinburgh keys.  He explained to her that the old town of Edinburgh had it’s own lock and key set decades ago, and therefore, their antique keys are completely unique to the rest of the world.  The maze design within the keys are unique to each lock and key set.  Realizing what a gift she had been given in being able to purchase one of these rare keys, Elizabeth asked the shop owner to remove the keys of which he was especially fond.  Elizabeth then found the key she liked best, and to her delight, the shop owner approved her to purchase it from him.

Rose Necklace:  The Rose Necklace features a Provence Pendant which was cast from the top of an antique key Elizabeth Adams found in the south of France. The Quatrefoil  shape that is found in the Rose can also be found on our Tate Necklace & Provence Labradorite Necklace.

Elizabeth Adams