New Affirmation Cuff

When I was born, my father’s mentor, artist Charles Shannon, gave me a locket which came with a small card with the handwritten blessing, “May your life be as beautiful as you are.”  I have come to see that while life is not always easy, it can still be beautiful.
ExVoto began in 2009 and at that time each piece of jewelry went out from my studio with a handwritten blessing on the tag.  This blessing that came with my baby locket was one of the many I would include.  Today, we still have tags with one of my four different handwritten blessings on them.  Now we offer this blessing laser engraved on a brass cuff as well.
The cuff is made of living brass which means it can be worn in any environment without worry of scratching the gold finish. Wear it in the pool, ocean, with sunscreen, etc and if it tarnishes, just wipe with lemon juice to return it’s shine!  The brass cuff can be opened and closed down to fit every wrist size, making it a fitting gift for any friend.
We hope you love this newest addition to our Affirmation Cuff Collection as much as we do!  Shop the Beautiful Life Cuff HERE.

Elizabeth Adams