St Jude Hospital Crayon Delivery

St. Jude Crayon Delivery.jpg

I was thrilled to be able to deliver 1,560 boxes of crayons to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital this past Friday!  ExVoto Vintage sponsored a crayon drive, Crayons To Cure, during the month of September which was an overwhelming success.  The photo above is of me and Vilma, the non-monetary donation manager, at the hospital surrounded by the boxes of crayons.  After the crayon delivery, my husband and I were then taken on a tour of the hospital by Vilma.  We were familiar with the hospital from when our child, Madeline, was treated there five years ago, and those memories were hard to face.  Vilma was able to show us all of the new wings of the hospital and it was really encouraging to see the progress in treatment in just five years.  I cannot fully express how amazing this hospital is.  The level of expertise and care they are able to provide is truly world-class.  When it comes to childhood cancer research, St. Jude is at the forefront.  Our child was not able to be cured, and passed away eleven months after her diagnosis.  Being at St. Jude helped us a lot because we knew all along that if St. Jude didn’t have the cure, then evidently God hadn’t revealed it yet…and St. Jude would always be searching for it.

Elizabeth Adams