Summer Cocktail Recipes

 keep a small herb garden on our patio and I always make sure to have plenty of mint and basil growing for making Mojitos in the summertime.
All of the beautiful cocktail napkins in this post are linen cocktail napkins from Lettermade. A monogrammed set is on my wishlist for sure.

Here is my recipe for a Mojito with basil:
muddle around 4 mint leaves and one basil leaf in the bottom of a highball glass
Squeeze and drop in 4 lime wedges
Add 2 tsp of sugar (or a simple syrup)
1 part Rum
2 parts club soda
crushed ice
How to make a Simple Syrup–add one part sugar and one part water to a small saucepan and cook over medium heat until sugar is dissolved and syrup starts to thicken. Can be stored in a glass jar in the fridge.


My other favorite cocktail this summer is one I learned about at The Southern C Summit. The Cocktail Bandits from Charleston, SC were there and they mixed this up using a mixer from a local company and Cathead vodka from Mississippi. The Cocktail Bandits were the cutest girls with fun personalities and I understand they will travel for your event. Bittermilk mixers are made in Charleston, and this recipe uses their charred grapefruit tonic. Don’t you just love the bottle? I’m a sucker for some good packaging.

This recipe is easy:
one part Cathead vodka
one part Bittermilk charred grapefruit tonic no. 5
fill glass with La Croix lemon flavored sparkling water
garnish with a lime wedge
note: The Cocktail Bandits added another locally made mixer by a company named Hooch to their drink and offered options of fresh lemon or orange slice as a garnish.


The jewelry shown above is our Shannon Necklace with Canterbury Medal and the Rose Necklace.
My old standby is a gin and tonic. I will either order this or a French 75 in a restaurant. If the bartender asks, “tell me again what’s in a French 75?” then I request a gin and tonic with lime.

drink 3.jpg

The jewelry shown above is our Scout Necklace, Minny Bracelet and Woodley Cuff Bracelet.
Photo styling by our talented friend, Missie Crawford.

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Elizabeth Adams