The Difference Between Gold, Gold Filled, Gold Plated & Vermeil

What’s the difference between gold and gold-filled? What’s the difference between gold-filled and gold plated? What is “vermeil” and how do you pronounce it?
Here are the answers!

Solid Gold: Pure gold is mixed with alloys to create solid gold with different karat values: 10k having the least amount of gold – 20k having the highest. Gold is very soft, so alloys are added to add strength.

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Gold Filled: Solid gold is rolled out into a sheet and then applied to a base metal through heat – applying a thick plate of gold.

Gold Plate: A layer of solid gold added to jewelry, usually in 12K. ExVoto pieces are heavily plated with 18K gold. Our plating is 3x the US standard thickness for gold plate. All of our plating is done in the US under US regulations and therefore it’s process is safe for the environment. Our gold plating is lead-free and safe to wear against your skin.


Vermeil: Pronounced /ver-mey/A light gilt or thin wash of gold on a piece of jewelry, usually done with 14k yellow gold on sterling silver. The gold on vermeil pieces can rub off quickly especially with pieces worn everyday.

Elizabeth Adams