The Story of Bess and Mae

Every piece of ExVoto jewelry has a story behind it.  Each design is named for either an employee, friend, relative or a favorite street in the historic neighborhoods surrounding our studio and showroom in Montgomery, Alabama.
The Bess and Mae lockets are no exception.  These sterling silver lockets are named for my grandmothers, Bessie and Rhoda Mae.
The Bess locket has beautiful, delicate etching detail in the border of the locket on both sides.  It is larger than the Mae locket and has a more flat profile.  The lacy detail would be favored by my maternal grandmother, Bessie.  She was always up for a good girl’s day shopping trip with my mother, sister and me.  The Bess locket is available on the 18″ Classic necklace.
The Mae locket is slightly smaller in size and has a domed shape to the front and back giving it somewhat of an “egg” shape.  I have memories of helping my grandmother gather eggs in her chicken houses on her farm when I was small.  My grandmother, Rhoda Mae, was a straight-forward and no-nonsense personality and I think she would approve of her locket.  The Mae is available on both the 18″ Classic necklace and the 8″ Classic bracelet.
We offer custom, hand-engraving for both lockets.  A beautiful, scrolling monogram would be perfect on either locket.

Elizabeth Adams