A Montgomery, Alabama Travel Guide

The Southern Couterie blog recently interviewed me about my favorite parts of my hometown, Montgomery, Alabama.  You know how sometimes you only truly realize how great a place is once you have left?  Well, that was certainly true for me as I realized what a gem Montgomery is when I gave this interview. If you are considering a visit to Montgomery, here are my suggestions. And don’t forget to visit our showroom there too. If you come on the right day, you will see me there and I just might give you a peek at the studio, if you can pull me away from my Louisa’s Cafe smoked turkey and avacado sandwich! Find out about that and all the other Montgomery details in The Southern Couterie blog post here:

Elizabeth Adams’ Guide to Montgomery, Alabama


note: several photos in this blog post are by local Montgomery photographer (and ExVoto client) Jessica Govan.