Wedding Dress Code

Even before the wedding invitations go out, the wedding hosts determine the formality of the event which informs guests as to how to dress for the occasion.
Proper etiquette is for the hostess, the mother of the bride, to choose her dress first, then let the mother of the groom know what she will be wearing. The mother of the bride and mother of the groom should not match, but also should not clash. The mother of the groom should keep the general color palette chosen by the mother of the bride in mind when making her selection. For example, if the color palette chosen by the mother of the bride is a pastel, she should follow suit instead of choosing a rich color.

The age old question: Should guests wear white to a wedding?
Surprisingly, the etiquette books say that wearing white is not taboo! However, if you ask the editors over at Martha Stewart Weddings, they will tell you to never wear white. Let the bride be the only one in white.
If you need direction as to what to wear, look to the invitation as your guide.
The location and time of day are good indications of the attire expected as well as many invitations will spell out for guests white tie, black tie, semi-formal or black tie optional. The later in the evening, the more dressy the attire.
Beach Wedding: a more laid back attire is acceptable. Outdoor weddings can also allow for more casual dress especially if the weather is quite warm.

Colorful option for a summer wedding. Image via Pinterest.

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Semiformal: Men will wear a dark suit with a white shirt and a conservative tie while the ladies wear cocktail dresses or a dressy long skirt and top.

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Black tie optional: Obviously, a tux is appropriate, but also a dark suit with white shirt and tie. Women can wear dressy separates.
Black Tie: A black tuxedo for men or in the summertime, a white dinner jacket and black tuxedo trousers. Women should wear a formal length gown or dressy cocktail dress.

You can’t go wrong with a beautiful floral print. Image via Pinterest.

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White Tie: This is the most formal of them all. A tuxedo with a tailcoat and floor length dresses for women.

Beautiful dress for a formal wedding. Image via Pinterest.

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