Packing Tips for Your Next Escape!

I love to travel!  (The smell of jet fuel makes me happy!  It signals adventure.)
Here are some of the packing tips I have learned along the way.

Pack with one general color pallet in mind. For example: Gray/white/blue or black/camel/white.
This ensures that all of the separate pieces in your bag can be worn together multiple ways.  We have some great separates with similar color palletes that all mix and coordinate together well. Several clients have planned the wardrobe for their trip right from our website or in our showrooms!  See our apparel section to pack for your next jaunt.  Even our linen and linen and cotton pieces are packable— don’t worry about having to iron the wrinkles, these pieces are made so that the wrinkle adds to the character!

linen layers with denim

In my experience, white pants are more in likely to become stained than white tops. Especially in large, urban cities where you may be taking a lot of public transportation. (Plus white pants in big cities is the sure-fire way to tell everyone there that you are a tourist.  It’s like painting a bull’s eye on your back.)

Challenge yourself to see how few shoes you can pack.  They take up precious space and weigh down your bag.  One pair of comfortable shoes to walk in (this is the pair you wear on the plane) and one pair for dinners out while on your trip.  We love our platform espadrilles for walking! ($140, in matte gold or tan perforated suede--available through our showrooms)

platform espadrille shoes

Pack a cardigan! This goes in your tote bag for easy access on the plane.  (Why do airplanes go from sweltering to frozen in 0.2 seconds?) Our totes are made in Florence, Italy and start off nice and lightweight so you can stuff them full of your necessities and not need to see the chiropractor before the trip ends.
Best summer cardigans: HERE and HERE and HERE
Best travel totes: HERE and HERE.

Our straw totes are fun to carry on coastal trips and they are on sale now through Memorial Day weekend! (available through our showrooms)

straw tote and bicycle

Pack a scarf!  Even if you think you are not a scarf-wearer, you will be on a trip.  A scarf can make even a t-shirt look dressy and it helps take that one top you have already worn twice and make it feel like something new and fresh! A light scarf can add the right amount of warmth even in the summertime if the temps shift plus, as a bonus, scarves cover that little stain on your top which you may end up with.  Our exclusive Garden Gate scarves are made of cotton and silk voile and they are on a fabulous sale.  (Did I mention they were featured in Southern Living magazine?  They were.)  Our Johnny Was scarves are made of silk and they are huge square shapes that can even be tied into a shrug. Multiple ways to wear this light addition to your suitcase!  Watch our HOW-To video for scarf tying lessons!

scarf worn as a shrug

As hard as it is, try to pack only a few pieces of jewelry.  A lot of clients opt to leave their wedding bands and diamond rings at home for security, and wear one of our sterling or gold bands instead. View our rings HERE.  Clients love how our necklaces and bracelets connect together to create a variety of styles.  This way you can pack just one necklace and one bracelet and connect them to create a long necklace, or connect 2 necklaces and wrap to wear it as a short, layered look.  Many jewelry options from two pieces!
Watch our How-To necklace connecting video HERE

Packing Hack—When packing necklaces with delicate chains like those in our Elizabeth Adams Collection, place them in a zip-top baggie with the end coming out of the top then zip the baggie closed to prevent tangling.

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Elizabeth Adams