Wabi Sabi, The Perfectly Imperfect

At ExVoto, we believe that imperfections make life beautiful. We see the small dents of a baby’s teeth in a 100 year old locket and our hearts get all soft and melty. We would never see these marks, the patina of time, or the gentle wear of the gold filled surface of a pendant as defects. In fact, we see these marks as signs of authenticity. Signs of a history of a well loved adornment.
Wabi Sabi is a Japanese view of nature and design that accepts imperfections. The wabi sabi aesthetic includes acceptance of the characteristics of asymmetry, roughness, modesty, intimacy and an appreciation the intrinsic aspects found within natural materials.


The ExVoto One of One Collection and Couture to Cure Collections best exemplify our alignment with the wabi sabi view. Our limited edition pieces which are hand cast from molds created from antique elements also hold unique differences and small imperfections from the process of casting and hand polishing. Each pendant may have small, unique differences and we do not view these as defects. We hand inspect each piece and we reject the pieces with imperfections too great to tolerate, but the small differences we only view as evidence of the maker’s hand.

Elizabeth Adams