The Soul and Jewelry Connection

33” Keller with Molly Slide Pendant

33” Keller with Molly Slide Pendant

 At ExVoto, we believe in the soul and jewelry connection.
Here is some of the evidence of this unique connection which we have been privelged to witness at ExVoto:

  • A client adding her dear, late aunt’s locket to our Classic Necklace and the tears that come to her eyes when she puts it on for the first time, now able to wear it and remember and honor her everyday.

  • A grandmother giving her granddaughter our Messenger Necklace with the “I love you” letter inside.

  • A mother wearing our Monogram Cuff Bracelets with her children’s initials engraved on them.

  • A mother engraving a line from her late daughter’s favorite song on the inside of our Phelps Slide Pendant.

  • Our Bouquet Locket holding the photo of a client’s late father and attached to her wedding bouquet.

  • Our Blessing Cuff reminding a client daily that she is loved by the One who’s love matters most, then passing on that cuff to a friend who is going through a terrible patch of life.

  • The young man who engraved “marry me” on the back of the inside letter of one of our Messenger Necklaces and using that necklace to propose to his fiancé.

  • A mother wearing our Christy Slide Pendant with her children’s initials engraved on the inside.

  • Taking a client’s late father’s Boy Scout ID bracelet which had been lost in a creek bed for over 50 years, then found by a stranger, and creating a necklace from it as a gift for her mother.

  • A bride giving her mother a Molly Pendant Necklace with the wedding date engraved inside.

  • A group of life-long friends commemorating the milestone of their friend with a custom engraved Tracey Necklace with Christy Pendant.

  • A bride gifting her bridesmaids with Gothic Monogram cuffs custom engraved with each lady’s initials.

  • A mother giving her daughter a Sterling Silver Blessing Cuff as a high school graduation gift.

  • A father choosing a ring for his middle school daughter from our fine jewelry collection as lasting memory, a keepsake, and a therefore creating new family heirloom.

  • A client wearing our Parisian Cross Necklace as a talisman of her faith when she travels to foreign countries.

  • A husband giving his wife our Date Cuff custom engraved with the date of their first date.

  • A recently divorced client engraving her first initial on our French Necklace as a symbol of her renewed realization of her own personal identity.

  • A husband gifting the Paris Key Necklace to his wife who recently traveled to Paris and fell in love with the City of Lights.

  • The father who bought both his mother and mother-in-law an Acorn Necklace and had his children write their names on a slip of paper to tuck inside.


Elizabeth Adams