How To Wear Gold and Silver Together

Wearing gold and silver jewelry together can add a lot of fun and interest to your look.  There is no need to stress about the "rules."  If you love the pieces, give them a try together!  A group of pendants in both gold and silver on one chain create a collected look. 
Mix gold and silver, mix gold and oxidized silver, or mix oxidized silver with brightly finished sterling silver or even platinum.
If you are still unsure about mixing gold and silver, try wearing one piece of jewelry that has both gold and silver incorporated and then layer with jewelry pieces of gold and/or silver.  Even a silvery gray pearl on a gold necklace or bracelet can act a a bridge allowing you to easily mix  silver jewelry with the gold.  A perfect example of a gold bracelet with a silvery pearl is our Classic Bracelet.  Also available as a Necklace.

For jewelry care tips and tricks, check out our blog post that we made with the Scout Guide HERE.

Elizabeth Adams