Creatives in Conversation: Mary Catherine Folmar, Fabric Designer

We are excited to launch a new blog series titled Creatives in Conversation! The mission behind this blog series is to introduce and celebrate fellow female creatives and entrepreneurs that also happen to be ExVoto clients!

Meet Mary Catherine Folmar!

Elizabeth: “What is your background?”
Mary Catherine: “I started Auburn University as a pre-med student but decided the culture just wasn’t for me, so I changed course and graduated with a degree in industrial design. I studied abroad twice. Once in the UK and once again in Tawain. A lot of references to my time in Tawain are found in my fabric designs. The Koi pattern in our Garden Gate scarves comes from sketches I made while studying in Tawain.”

Shop her bracelet  HERE .

Shop her bracelet HERE.

Elizabeth: “What is your favorite part about your job?”
Mary Catherine: “Creating new things and then being able to see how people use them in their lives. I love that I can do something different every day while being surrounded by color. I think I’m an extrovert because I get so excited, for example, to go to High Point Market and see all ‘my people.’ I like social events, although I work so much that when I am social, sometimes I think all I have to talk about is work!”

Elizabeth: “What is the most interesting or unusual commission you have been given?”

Mary Catherine: “I had a client come to me for a custom fabric pattern and they requested that I hide a drawings of Dachshund dogs within the pattern. This family had Dachshund dogs, and they used this fabric as roman shade and bench fabric in their mudroom. They loved the end product. It was exactly what they wanted from the very first drawing, no revisions necessary!”

Elizabeth: “Where do you see your career taking you next?”
Mary Catherine: “I just want to keep growing and have more exposure around the US and abroad, but it would be dreamy to see my fabrics in more fashion applications!”

Elizabeth: “What advice would you give a 20 year old wanting to do what you do?”
Mary Catherine: “Work hard because nothing will be handed to you! Build relationships with everyone you meet because you never know where a connection will take you. It’s a lot easier to be nice than to be ugly. If you never ask, then the answer is already NO! That’s the advice my mom taught me and I think it is always appropriate.”

Elizabeth: “What is your favorite piece of ExVoto?”
Mary Catherine: “The square Equestrian Scarves we developed together after Garden Gate! I wear this scarf around my wrist so much. I also wear the Brass Wire Cuff often. It is the perfect little size. Oh and I love my ExVoto sweatshirt! It’s so soft!”

You can learn more about Mary Catherine and Cotton & Quill here!

Photos by Elizabeth Adams.

Elizabeth Adams