Creatives in Conversation: Paige Albright, Owner of Paige Albright Orientals

We are excited to launch a new blog series titled Creatives in Conversation! The mission behind this blog series is to introduce and celebrate fellow female creatives and entrepreneurs that also happen to be ExVoto clients.
I love Paige Albright! Paige and I met right after my family moved to Birmingham, Alabama. She was so gracious to allow ExVoto to hold a trunk show in her shop, Paige Albright Orientals, in Mountain Brook Village. That next spring, we opened up our second showroom location around the corner from Paige’s shop. 
Paige and I are the kind of friends that take each other to lunch on our birthdays because we have the same work ethic and we know it’s likely the only decent lunch we will eat on a weekday all year! The problem is, sometimes we are too busy to stop even for birthday lunch! Paige has such lust for life. We give each other business advice, and over the last four years, I have walked in the backdoor of her office in every range of emotion! 
Our brands have collaborated on a few items. One of my favorite collaborations is the Indigo Cuff Bracelet which combines her vintage West African indigo textiles with our gold plated cuff. Her knowledge of textiles is unparalleled in this region and her enthusiasm for rugs is contagious. As my sister mentioned the first time she visited Paige’s shop, “I have never before been inside a rug shop where I like every single rug I see!” When you walk in, you will know what she means.


Elizabeth: “What is your background?”

Paige: “ I have an Art History major with a concentration in interior design and I worked with an interior designer after college.”

Elizabeth: “What is your favorite part of this job?”

Paige: “Buying and traveling! I am inspired from traveling and meeting new people. As far as buying goes, I love the thrill of the hunt!”

Elizabeth: “What is the most interesting commission or job you have been given?”

Paige: “Well, this past summer we did a sorority house at the University of Alabama and that was a lot of fun. The color scheme was young but still sophisticated and cool.”

Elizabeth: “Where do you dream of your career taking you next?”

Paige: “I’d like for PAO to develop a more regional audience and client base. We can ship rugs anywhere! I would like to reach more people out there who are interested in global design. I would like to write also.”

Shop the Sterling Silver Tallulah cuff  HERE . Shop the Sterling Silver Blessing cuff  HERE .

Shop the Sterling Silver Tallulah cuff HERE. Shop the Sterling Silver Blessing cuff HERE.

Elizabeth: “What advice would you give to your 20 year-old self if you could go back and talk to her?”

Paige: “Take the time to travel more! Be open to the culture of the area where you are traveling. Visit to the museums, go to the plays and then apply what you learn.”

Elizabeth: “Where do you want to travel next?”

Paige: “Napal! I want to see their textile production in person. They raise their own sheep, harvest the wool, and weave all themselves. Their buildings are run on green energy because it’s a third world country. They recycle their water and their windows are placed to allow maximum light. I always want to know the culture because then the rug understanding is more personal. Anytime you create a greater understanding of the history of an area then you know the why and the how of what they make. Rugs have history. They tell a story and connect people groups together. It’s geography.”


Elizabeth: “Your home is filled with fine art, textiles and of course, rugs! How would you describe your own personal interior design style?”

Paige: “In my own home I have a lot of soft, saturated colors. Soft pink, corals and chocolate brown. I have three boys so I guess I have to inject a lot of pink in there!”

Shop the Sterling Silver Parisian Necklace  HERE .

Shop the Sterling Silver Parisian Necklace HERE.

Elizabeth: “What is your favorite piece of ExVoto?”

Paige: “The sterling silver Parisian Cross necklace from the Elizabeth Adams Collection. It is my talisman when I travel, especially when I travel to countries where my Christian faith may cause some type of controversy. It is the Huguenot cross turned on it’s side, so it isn’t always readily recognizable as a cross. I know it’s meaning to me and therefore it’s so personal.”

Learn more about Paige Albright HERE!

Photos by Abby Norris.

Elizabeth Adams