Crayons to Cure: Update

Every year, we host a crayon drive called Crayons to Cure. We collect boxes of crayons to donate to St Jude Research Hospital. Every day, as the patients wait for their doctor’s appointments, they draw with crayons. However, because cancer patients are very susceptible to illness, this is one time in childhood when sharing is not allowed. Because of cross-contamination considerations, each box of crayons must remain with the child who first opened that box.

This year, we received 2,850 boxes of crayons! Thank you to everyone who participated in this meaningful gesture. A member of our team got to hand deliver them to St. Jude in Memphis, TN.


As you may know, a portion of every sale at ExVoto goes to Pediatric Brain Cancer Research. We are excited to announce that in 2018, ExVoto donated over $9,000 to local charities in Montgomery and Birmingham!

To learn about our first delivery of crayons to the hospital, go to this blog post, HERE.

If you ever feel led to donate to our next annual crayon drive, click the donate button below!

Elizabeth Adams