The Story of the Girlfriend Bracelet

girlfriend bracelets friend gift

Since the beginning of ExVoto in 2009, we have been creating the Girlfriend Bracelet.
Founder and designer, Elizabeth Adams, started making the small bracelets as a way to utilize the remnants of vintage beads she had in her studio. She named these fun and funky bracelets with random assemblage of beads, “Friendship Bracelets”, because they reminded her of the friendship bracelets she made for friends as a young girl. The bracelets were priced to make gifting to your girlfriend a fun and easy experience. The owner of one of our first retail boutiques began calling the bracelets the “Girlfriend Bracelet”, and the name stuck. 
For the past ten years, the Girlfriend Bracelet has been priced at $49 and that has stuck too!
The design that began as a way to use remnants, has become an ExVoto standard, and one of our best selling gift items.
Each season, we release a new batch of Girlfriend Bracelets in fun and funky random patterns of vintage beads in the colors of the season. Some are so random they are one of a kind.

The Spring 2019 Girlfriend bracelet batch has been released into our showrooms and online!

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Elizabeth Adams