Symbolism Behind the Stones of Ex Voto


Ex Voto is all about special stories, meaning, and symbolism. After all, a classic ex-voto is something given to represent gratitude or the fulfillment of a vow. We love to tell the stories that are behind the jewerly and how they came to be. Sometimes there is meaning to the piece itself or the materials used to make it. A good example are the semiprecious stones that we use! Behind most semiprecious stones there is a coordinating set of properties and meaning.

Apatite : Clarity of mind

Labradorite : protection, shielding, awakening intuitions

Turquoise : healing, protection and purity and courage

Smoky Quartz : balance

Lapis : symbol of royalty, truth and enlightenment

Amethyst : Inner strength and peace

Moonstone : protection, hope, wisdom

Aventurine : good fortune

Citrine : clarity

Jade : Good fortune

Onyx : protection, shield

Tiger-eye stone : courage, strength

Carnelian : creativity, courage, energy

So now when you go to put on one of your Exvoto pieces think about what you need for the day and accessorize accordingly! Today I need a little extra clarity of mind so I am going to wear my Mia apatite. Shop below!

Elizabeth Adams